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Interesting advice...

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2298 days ago

Interesting advice...


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Mrs_Quest 2295 days ago

DAMN! You know how much I love to climb over the toilet in the middle of the night - after I snack!

hiscoresboards 2296 days ago

Functional and preachy, you don't get that with a clothes horse?

StLouisMan2 2297 days ago

And who is reflected in the high gloss finish?

StLouisMan2 2297 days ago

Layers of meaning.

fryfan20 2297 days ago

what is wrong with the rails ?

SW42 2297 days ago

Interesting, and also completely necessary. People are stupid with property they don't own.

Miss_E_L_Thomas 2297 days ago

ooo someone's got a white iphone...bit of inadvertant advertising there Mr Fry?

CarbonAutomaton 2297 days ago

Steven, you once appeared on Room 101, binning upspeak. Why do you now use it yourself?

Calendulafitz 2297 days ago

Why is Father Christmas in your bathroom?

pjfj 2297 days ago

Looks like your on the loo in the reflection!

BarraOSeach 2298 days ago

Too late for that! ...already off the rails hypathetically

BarraOSeach 2298 days ago

Too late for that! ...already off the rails

Trench49 2298 days ago

mind the gap !!

Calendulafitz 2298 days ago

Yes....I think I will! Even if I do get burned!!

lorna3491 2298 days ago

I like your red bath gown.

SusanPAus 2298 days ago

Indeed it is very useful advice. Rails are really the preserve of either Ruby or train wheels. Unless they were commanding a permanently drunken state. Hic!

gozzbourne 2298 days ago

another night in the cells eh!

pka_liloo 2298 days ago

signed... Anna Karenina. ;)

timgorringe 2298 days ago

Always been my motto

Lileonie 2298 days ago

Only too easy for certain people, should they be encouraged?