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Bonding with a very talkative macaw.

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1373 days ago

Bonding with a very talkative macaw.


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TwtrMinstrel 1372 days ago

I want one

hiscoresboards 1372 days ago

That looks a bit lively for a Norwegian Blue.....

Jules_Clarke 1372 days ago

Can it say "Help! They've turned me into a Macaw!" ?

Mopshell 1372 days ago

Eddie Izzard says Long John needs his parrot back please...

StLouisMan2 1373 days ago

I must be deaf! I can't hear a thing! Doc Martin!!!

poorblue 1373 days ago

a macaw? isn't that a scottish crow? lovely picture

musicalcat 1373 days ago

I would try that too, instead of talking to people.

Calendulafitz 1373 days ago

Hello sailor!

TracyLynnMurray 1373 days ago

Does it speak like one of the cast members of Jersey Shore ?

dracnoc 1373 days ago

How many words does he know? Is he Polly-lingual?

fryfan20 1373 days ago

soo many words to learn, so little time..start with cock and take it from there ;)

MadSciKat 1373 days ago

Aww maaaaaan… what good is a bird that doesn't swear?

sharonjungle 1373 days ago

He's called Charlie, I used to work with him a few years ago. He doesn't swear!

ChrisEdgecombe 1373 days ago

I would think 2hrs at 160deg C and it can tell you when its done - happy xmas

glossyibis 1373 days ago

A neighbor of mine had such a bird which cried Fuck Youuuuu Fuck Youuuuu as people walked by in the street.

Trench49 1373 days ago

lm surprised any parrot owned by Fry can get a word in

tobymonk 1373 days ago

Was this one polite? I only ask because ours says "bollocks" at the most inopportune moments.

chrisferguson2 1373 days ago

Beautiful Blue and Gold! We have 11 parrots of varying sizes. Great friends! Better than most humans!

Gardenburglar 1373 days ago

The Norwegian Blue, beautiful plumage ;-)

FuchsiMeon 1373 days ago

I agree! Teach it british swear words! :D