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Secret Santa has been very kind at my office party :)

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2293 days ago

Secret Santa has been very kind at my office party :)


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BeckCuthbertX 2272 days ago

i wish i got this! i got a big lolly from a girl in my college who i have known 4 months, joy!

lauramarfell 2292 days ago

Had much fun with same recently - managed 2 hats before moving on to some very puerile creations

hiscoresboards 2292 days ago

That's the first step to becoming Sideshow Stephen.......

Trench49 2292 days ago

try useing the pump on ur penis mr 4inch

DarkseedeD 2292 days ago

LOL! I dare you to wear this on QI...
You'd make Alan Davies look sober

Ximinez101 2293 days ago

All Secret Santa got me was: - I don't think I'm a hypocondriac

StLouisMan2 2293 days ago

Is there some concern about your current career?

dbmaimr 2293 days ago

Judging from the look of some of those balloon configurations, I hope the balloon material is strong

Calendulafitz 2293 days ago

Many chuckles!!!!! I like it!!!!!!!!

toezapper 2293 days ago

you need help to pump? Jerusalem artichokes are the best

balloonbaboon 2293 days ago

Worried I might have a rival!

urban1gorilla 2293 days ago

spose they will go up with inflation.....:-)

UkaPalmen 2293 days ago

Best Secret Santa present ever!

salfordlad51 2293 days ago

I know Stephen put a "Davy Crockett" hat on upside down - pretend to be a tram!

Roxy_Randrome 2293 days ago

That is such a cool idea! Love it!

Surgam1957 2293 days ago

The long winter nights will just fly by...

Slesia 2293 days ago

I guess it's the pump you're particularly happy about :P

Buchichu 2293 days ago

too bad you have to assemble them yourself!

markcatchlove 2293 days ago

We have £1.50 secret Santa limit with friends- someone moaned because their torch had no batteries

elenorrB 2293 days ago

wow, i'd love to get those !:D