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First attempt at balloon headjoy. Hm.

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2325 days ago

First attempt at balloon headjoy. Hm.


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dyedblonde14 2191 days ago

A very fetching photo. Bless +

jessikart 2324 days ago

Balloon headjoy is balloon headjoy. No need for attempts.

Annonnymouse55 2324 days ago

Very fetching,Stephen.

OddTopGearFan 2324 days ago

Enjoyed your self?

combatjacques 2324 days ago

A bacteria hat?

hiscoresboards 2324 days ago

That's how Richard Branson & Steve Fossett got started......

vicabuzz 2324 days ago


Trench49 2325 days ago

one better uses for condoms

tabs6 2325 days ago

purple suits you - my fave color :)

barnem71 2325 days ago

Very you Mr Fry

Iridancer 2325 days ago

Looks nice!) You can be the face of the ads: "St.Fry's head balloons!" "Makes you look like Stephen Fry! Only 9.99 £."

DevoirJacque 2325 days ago

Is this a new english sex toy?

Dazraz 2325 days ago

no comment lol

1988Linds 2325 days ago

Looking rather rosie cheeked their, loving the head gear.

nannafied 2325 days ago

Lovely, Stephen!

bluecob 2325 days ago

Someone had to say it - Dick head! :)

donnalee99 2325 days ago

It just does not get any more sophisticated than that!

G_Kar 2325 days ago

It would be so great if you wore it on Qi! please, please, please

KateBarton85 2325 days ago

All these comments, and someone has yet to mention your shirt choice! Just lovely I must say :)

MYNDYMOO 2325 days ago

OOO. Those ruddy cheeks. What have you been up to?