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Just for a moment I thought the 4th letter of that sentence was an 'e' ...

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2260 days ago

Just for a moment I thought the 4th letter of that sentence was an 'e' ...


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Emsyphine 2244 days ago

I would have never got that if I hadn't read the caption! Aha very good! :P x

StLouisMan2 2259 days ago

Personally, I would NOT want it to be an "e."

VacuousNess 2259 days ago

Hehehaha seen this a few times, still makes me giggle......

Starcluck 2260 days ago

Circumcision is your friend.

jqzdee 2260 days ago

Dammit! I've been using this joke for a couple of days. Now everyone will think I stole it =(

DerrynBracey 2260 days ago

*looks down*

Reehan_Jameel 2260 days ago

Fnarr fnarr chortle chortle!!!!

OllyPohlmann 2260 days ago

Foreskin that looks dull?

M1ch16lv4nSl66n 2260 days ago

For a minute I thought it was a French kind of leather...

emimort 2260 days ago

So did I :/

widogmom 2260 days ago

Maybe they could get Brett Favre as their next spokesperson.

Nikkib_87 2260 days ago

Poor Gerard. His problem is advertised for the whole world to see!

dslkp 2260 days ago

oh Stephen

buckylarue 2260 days ago

So Gerard Butler's foreskin is dull, dry, tight, rough and less firm? Poor baby. You know what's good for that? Saliva!

EverLong_Laura 2260 days ago

Heeheeheehee! Love it.

Missy_Piggy 2260 days ago

oh no... :D

carolbradshaw 2260 days ago

Getting old is a bitch, isn't it? ;) x

_Peter_May 2260 days ago

thought the moyel had been around collecting

mancalledshaft 2260 days ago

My 1st twitpic comment. Hurrah. Made me smile and grimace simultaneously. Thank You.

mmeas 2260 days ago