Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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2323 days ago


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Reinlie05v 2295 days ago

demigods gonad Hi take a look at

__Thorn 2296 days ago

Zak:" Hey git yo @$$ ova here! " Nick:"Coming Satan! (I mean) Zak Bagan, why do I always gotta! :("

tina4music186 2316 days ago

much love to you nick in all you do! your an awsome person. :p

megz4993 2321 days ago


bansheekat 2323 days ago

why so serious?

gdcomptontorres 2323 days ago

Intense picture. You look a little dark here.....I like it :D

Ladyfox7oaks 2323 days ago

That's a SERIOUS 5 o'clock shadow you've got going there...

nightsky001 2323 days ago

Your growing a beard COOL !

adrianide 2323 days ago

Nice. Glad to hear it was another awesome lockdown!

trzapfe 2323 days ago

Glad you had an awesome lockdown, you look wiped though!

Norma1811 2323 days ago

Haha cool XD

captncorn 2323 days ago

yea.. your face screams "yay!"

HauntedxEve 2323 days ago look it was an awesome lockdown!! :)

spookymun 2323 days ago

Get some sleep Mr. Groff. The last couple of investigations have been awesome! Luv the show as always!

Demure_Dulcet 2323 days ago

8] Wish I was there with you guys ♥

Desiree_C 2323 days ago

You look exhausted. Get some well deserved rest!

love4beauty15 2323 days ago

You look so serious Nick...Kinda scary!! Hope you enjoyed your lockdown:-}

momme423 2323 days ago

Nice pic..just look real tired!

Betsy_GACsister 2323 days ago

aww you look exhausted

Liss0916 2323 days ago

Glad u guys are safe. U look cute by the way =]