Tony Hawk


professional skateboarder, dad, videogame character, ceo, kid chauffeur, global hopscotcher, food glutton & public skatepark defender. I'm old; get over it.

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1537 days ago


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ariskarona_33 226 days ago


juliaodorissi 1193 days ago

tony, do you like blowjob?

pamezuniga99 1430 days ago

nice boards!! my brother is your #1 fan tony !

WantSexWithGaga 1469 days ago

omg, i am in love!! < 3

RichSchroeder 1537 days ago

Are those tracker mags Tony?

Eisonhawk 1537 days ago

best kicks in the biz 2y'alls lower Left, Hawk's king pin grinder LOL remember heat'n rail guards 2make bend

angieNryan 1537 days ago

haha you guys look great! nice boards, how tall are you anyways?

baddukah 1537 days ago

Will you guys be doing ho-hos?

baddukah 1537 days ago

I still have that exact same McGill board. Where's Mountain, Mullen and Cab?

wortzaroo 1537 days ago

I was hoping Staab would be rocking the Pirate board, that was my first board back in 87, and Hosoi best be wearing a flyaway helmet.

MastodonDork 1537 days ago

Dude on the right?????? Thats Hosoi......

algonacchick 1537 days ago

Haha, I love it. Dude on the far right - gotta love those shorts!