Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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1999 days ago


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Lupita_GarzaG 1997 days ago

Aww!! Lucky you& Aaron...glad you two had fun.:)

Zakbeganslover 1999 days ago

Cool u in new York

GACLuver1_313 1999 days ago

It was a lot of fun hope u have fun!!!

GACLuver1_313 1999 days ago

Im Pretty Sure i went there last year when i went to NY for my Birthday!!!

sdcaligirl60 1999 days ago

What an experience, you should share the secrets of what happens during commercials

gripper70 1999 days ago

Very cool nick : )

Huddleston27n 1999 days ago

dnvq Hi take a look at

lizzej23 1999 days ago

aww you guys are so lucky!! =) i love snl!

Shannon_RIPP 1999 days ago

I'm watching SNL on TV right now..haha.. hope I see you guys in the audience...

Wyoghost1111 1999 days ago

Sweeeet! :)

Stub_ble_Field 1999 days ago

Wha ja think about the Black Keys?

PaxVegas 1999 days ago

Nice picture

VerinaBagans96 1999 days ago

I knew u had fun ,Zak is now regretting not going with u and Aaron! LOL

nightsky001 1999 days ago

Glad you had a good time -nice pic! the game last night SNL tonite your on a roll!

tina4music186 1999 days ago

coool! zak is regretting it now hahaha!

megafoxyawesome 1999 days ago

awesome!! you guys should stick around and do meet and greets (:

bansheekat 1999 days ago


adrianide 1999 days ago

Sweet haha glad it was awesome!

SuitsRulez2011 1999 days ago

Awesome Nick have fun !!!!!!!!

kanishiasexy54 1999 days ago

that is awesome Nick hope you and Aaron have fun at SNL hope i get to see you tonight have fun