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Purple Swan! @LaCoacha at the 2010 Critic's Choice Awards.

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2235 days ago

Purple Swan! at the 2010 Critic's Choice Awards.


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its_goga 2234 days ago

Hah! Awww ♥ joo are so cute! =) ♥

vprincess 2235 days ago

I want those shoes! Love the color

PatriciaKellogg 2235 days ago

OMG - joo soo beautiful! Purple is the colour of Royalty!!!

JerKnowles 2235 days ago


ACRSoudjian 2235 days ago

viva viva la coacha en morado como Black swan

DEREKingTraffic 2235 days ago


dale310 2235 days ago

Looks like something from your closet.

HausOfHamza 2235 days ago

I love it.

a_mo__ 2235 days ago

Purple swan?

MsBertha10 2235 days ago

Girl do your thing, let them haters hate Mami!!!!

Alessandra438 2235 days ago

Ahahah love la coacha!!!

ACRSoudjian 2235 days ago

hahahah viva La coacha!!!

nutellalicker 2235 days ago

why do people do this go get some help i no different is kewl but really we dont need the pain

nkmj1990 2235 days ago

Its so wrong that its right Go Girl!!!!!!!

nkmj1990 2235 days ago

I love it

ClaudiaQuimbaya 2235 days ago

se equiboco de lugar para la fiesta de difrases

Jennyfurs 2235 days ago

it's like the makeup from blackswan, that's wats she's chanelling. Derp.

_vittorio 2235 days ago

Ya should sue the makeup artist

LoveofaWriter 2235 days ago

pasado de moda. Madonna circa 1980