Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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2110 days ago


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laboywanda 2095 days ago

where is this? ah ah nick

nikolew1 2095 days ago

OOOHHH, I hope that's mudd.... LOL!

herrpiqu 2095 days ago

i hope you brought your wadders???? lol

iamCissy 2098 days ago


mthacker02 2104 days ago

My huband fishes there all the time, Crazy!

PaigePlaguexxx 2109 days ago

WOW..... Perfect spot for a horror movie shot!!! :)

mallykat1990 2109 days ago

crazy....seeing what you saw will definitely get the adrenaline pumping

Stub_ble_Field 2109 days ago


baaiaa 2110 days ago

That's crazy...I'm glad you guys are OK :)

adrianide 2110 days ago

Wow! Must have been crazy.

wild4wallace 2110 days ago

Ever notice wherever you go bad weather follows? Didn't it rain the entire time you were in Sac?

mprisant 2110 days ago

We keep our boat here at Hales Bar, can't wait to see episode!

Luci_L 2110 days ago

Stay safe!!! Thank heavens you are all ok!

DJHawthorn 2110 days ago

make sure you make it to the lockdown and home in one piece

Brittany_GAC20 2110 days ago

wow that is crazy stuff hope u guys made it out okay...

ecutiepie2011 2110 days ago

That's funn

akiko_x 2110 days ago

Shit =S

vcarb1219 2110 days ago

If I were wifey, I'd be booking your flight straight back home STAT, ha! Just sayin'....Be safe!

wendyinct 2110 days ago

Wow!Looks like it was a big tornado,I am just happy your all o.k.:)

Lupita_GarzaG 2110 days ago

Geez, dude!! Good to hear you are all doing OK. I've been thru a couple tornadoes&earthquake. Scary!