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that lantern looks like a bug alice said while falling into a bottomless pit with only her heart and the galaxy in between her toes...

That's the car we're driving in...NOT (:

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1809 days ago

That's the car we're driving in...NOT (:


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demondrashadste 1647 days ago

that's a nice ride

aNge_022 1663 days ago

whoaaa I want a car like that!!!!!! (♥‿♥) #luxury

MJBieber01 1751 days ago

woo thats aaaa pretty silver and shiny who's is that

yayasomindl3ss 1751 days ago


LoveBiebBeadles 1754 days ago

Well that would be pretty cool to have that car! <3

KTLuvsPrinceton 1758 days ago


JustinloveJulie 1772 days ago

hot car

YESiamMrsBreezy 1775 days ago

lol arabic numbers on the reg.

Marii1723 1776 days ago


DaLavigneLuver 1776 days ago

Wow...This car is at Abu Dhabi,UAE xD ..i Live at the UAE , Nice Car ,And ur Right in Every Corner

La5to 1777 days ago

LOL that car is illegal here, it got stopped like a zillion times in the morning cuz it reflexes the sun onto other cars.

thearcticvamps 1778 days ago

I live in the UAE for an american kinda shocking u find nice cars in every corner ILY Willow!

lilsyd143 1778 days ago

wow that is cool

MariamAlNowais 1779 days ago


MariamAlNowais 1779 days ago

heyy willow :)..nice car .. look at the number plate its from were i am!

Bayleealarcon 1780 days ago

My future car is right there. Thank you Willow for letting me see into the future lol

LasBieberBR 1781 days ago

is similar to that of my cousin, so that the color is different I prefer this color

BestBrosEver 1781 days ago

omg that car i s so....... fantastical !!!

katiebrook 1794 days ago

thatss myy carrr :p

BiebsSwag98 1795 days ago