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abbeylouuu 1961 days ago

my littlee brother has this!

AlyssaBbyCakes 1963 days ago

my little sister had that EXACT little doll, we called her glow worm for SO long. we still do(:

ChloeCocozza_1D 1972 days ago


azahara87spain 1977 days ago

:DDDD...I think everyone (when we were young) have had such a doll.

Katyperryroxs43 1978 days ago

my class saw a vid about glow worms theyre wird and sliiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmyyyyyyyy

WVUGuy29 1978 days ago

OMG Katy I had a #GlowWorm as a kid! Lost it, tho. Those things go 4 around $100 or so on eBay if u have the original. Remember #MoonDreamers? #JEM?

moonwalkerbarb 1979 days ago

aawww so cutee

Farish91 1979 days ago

hi pretty gurl, waz yo name? :D

Eva2NE1 1980 days ago


AnnesoRyr 1988 days ago


iCarMir 1991 days ago

cute :D

katy_dadi_perry 1991 days ago

ahahahh what cuteee! <3

OneStepGrl 1991 days ago

I used to have one of these.. Might be up in the loft actully LOL

emnkate 1991 days ago

aw thats abit cute isnt it

moo2u72 1991 days ago

im a kiwi lived in nz all my life so far its awesome

cariealbers 1991 days ago

So cool! I have one too!

LittlePinkPaws 1992 days ago

Like it :P

KatycatBee 1992 days ago

gosh!it's soooo cuuute!

BregGrandePerry 1992 days ago

aah! It's Cute! =D