Floyd Mayweather


Entertainer, undefeated boxer, Angel investor, part of the #MoneyTeam and in the check cashing business.


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2105 days ago



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C3sarGalan 2104 days ago

Hey dude... Pacquiao agreed with testing.

realDiscoStew 2105 days ago

Keep it gangsta broda!

Floydsathug 2105 days ago

Pretty soon that could be cell block G instead of G Unit. Coward

1Strich 2105 days ago

my nigga Floyd fuck with my nigga G-unit (thats Family)

nirri17 2105 days ago

Fuck pacquiao Fucking steroids using pussy Nigga. Why won't he take the tests! Floyd got that Nigga buried. And how come he fights Floyd's leftovers.

El_kirysh 2105 days ago

he's not fighting pacman bro! he's a pussy!

C3sarGalan 2105 days ago

What ?? He's really a pussy.... what's the big deal ?

AhmaduG 2105 days ago

when you gonna fight Pacquiao bro?

THEHIPHOPCHEF 2105 days ago

...i put money on that shit....n**ga...beat ya ass down...or get somebody else to do it!!!!

THEHIPHOPCHEF 2105 days ago

...i don't ride nobody tip...but i bet you would not say that shit to his face..

El_kirysh 2105 days ago

all that clothes and bling and shit for what?? ur going down in history 4 being a pussy!!

thisis50s 2105 days ago

ggggggggg unit

HearMiStory 2105 days ago

damn! damn! damn!

StackGirl2011 2105 days ago

sexy baby