Just some random dudes

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2812 days ago

Just some random dudes


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nacapi 2129 days ago

I love this group!!!! Cheers from Colombia, South America!!!!

estkbri 2739 days ago

love love love you three = most amazing GUYS ever

brisbris 2753 days ago

awwww look at jorma (my love) hehe he looks supe cute.
"how come you didn't go on the boat?"
"because I wasn't invited"
"why wasn't he invited?"
"because we didn't want him there"
hahaha. love you all andy jorma and akiva!!!
The Lonely Island foreve

cailindelrey 2757 days ago

we like sportz (my flashbox on bebo) !

cailindelrey 2757 days ago

too cool fer school ehh andy (: ? xoxo

cailindelrey 2757 days ago

ther all hot ;] with their filpy flops :') omg i effing love them

npm2010 2775 days ago

Jorma you're so hot!
I would take you on
my boat anyday!

tiffunnyfranco 2781 days ago

love love love the aviators and the anchor...and andy!

y0gibare 2783 days ago

Just when I thought nuthin could top Lazy Sunday, now I'm On A Boat is my fav TLI song...Andys HOOOOOOOOT. I luv his flippy floppies.

analovesgreen 2789 days ago

hahaha poor Jorma.

leannehadberg 2798 days ago

you guys did amazingggg. i loved the very end...jimmy:"why didn't you go on the boat jorma?"..jorma:"i wasn't invited."..jimmy:"guys why couldn't jorm come along?"..andy:"we didn't want him to come.".....lmao. you guys are the best

obambi90210 2800 days ago

for some reason i find akiva the hottest, probably because he has the most jewish name

queenvikingrage 2803 days ago

love ya guys....sooo.... funny! muah!

jessicles 2808 days ago

Awwwwwwww jorma =( You look so unhappy. Watched the vid on youtube...dont get Jimmy in New Zealand. Akiva man you rocked it on the dolphin hahaha

_sambuca 2808 days ago

me love me some land lubber, or am I just confusing myself with whale blubber? Hmmmm

srslyawesome 2810 days ago

You guys are just awesome^nth. :D

AmandaClark_ 2811 days ago

I love you Andy

shelbyjacq 2811 days ago

luv u4eva

XOkimberlin 2811 days ago

muah. xo.

BraveBeing 2811 days ago

It's from that video shooting? You look Glamorous mix Funny!