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Proof of Cousin's bad intentions: clear path to plate, hit aimed at Posey #sfgiants #getbetter

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2069 days ago

Proof of Cousin's bad intentions: clear path to plate, hit aimed at Posey #sfgiants #getbetter


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LibertyPeace 2068 days ago

This vector diagram displays a horrible understanding of basic physics. Legal. Clean. Baseball.

BillyBorrelli 2069 days ago

Legal hit? Yes. Clean hit? No. Giants fan or not, there is no room in baseball for this. Anyone with eyes can see Buster was OUT OF THE WAY OF THE PLATE!

aladinsane1969 2069 days ago

Quit crying; if your player had taken out the Marlins' catcher on the same play, you'd be fine with it.

Platos_Pond 2069 days ago

Jaymac! Posey is between the pitchers mound and homeplate, as Bruce Bochy had instructed him to do to avoid being injured. not in the baseline.

johntuttle85 2069 days ago

Cousins has no idea where ball is. Can only assume Posey has it. Has to take him out. Clean hit.

jaymac567 2069 days ago

um, agent 37, there's NO way Cousins could know if he had the ball. You need to see the play in real time.

jaymac567 2069 days ago

If you block the plate, you seal your fate!

agent37 2069 days ago

um, , look where the ball is - behind poseys left foot.

FreeMitch 2069 days ago

Whining Giants fans doing what they do. Sucks Buster got hurt, but it is part of the game. Ask Ray Fosse

HeebHunk 2069 days ago

I've always thought this 'play' to be the most brutal ridiculous in all of sport. Look how vulnerable the catcher is. You have a guy charging at you full bore with dreadful intention. As a catcher you are about to take a full force running charge in a sta

Lordbrega 2069 days ago

It's a legal hard play. Could he have tried to avoid Posey, yes. Would he have been out, definitely.

wmpopper 2069 days ago

Cousins' pro baseball sportsman like play is not present in this definitve image and graphic notations.

allforfunnplay 2069 days ago

i'm horrified by Posey's injury. But rules state running into the catcher to force him to drop ball is legal

jaymac567 2069 days ago

WEAK pic. Play at the plate, you can knock the ball free and still be safe at home. That's what he did.

Captain_looney 2069 days ago

Thats bullshit, the smart baseball play when you are clearly about to be tagged is to take out the catcher, there is no malice there.. Thats the game, hate to see Posey go down but it was NOT in any way dirty..

swillermann 2069 days ago

Cool pic, but the first 2 comments may be better.

circsouplesse 2069 days ago

nice try, but I highly doubt video will show cousins was running towards 1st base at the time...clean play

ryan_tovani 2069 days ago

Look where Posey's glove is. Had he caught the ball, Cousins would have been out with a slide.