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ohchockiss 1827 days ago

Love the aquarium!!! I go erytime I'm there! so much fun!!!!!!Gotta love this city!!!

jaclynloves 1911 days ago

holy crap i love that city ...

deeandrobert 2016 days ago

Wow!! Nothing like being in GA!! Only 150 miles away!!

anicica94 2019 days ago

ahhhhhhhhh,,,Atlanta :D

triciareese 2025 days ago

How funny, you posted this on my 43rd B-Day and I live in Atlanta, how do you like it here?

sayena94 2028 days ago

when?when were U here?'s long time ago..yeap!I know..I was there on 4th of july..but I guess LA was better..huh?my family told me so..

hennesey8 2040 days ago

We were there last weekend! Very hot!

Relfor 2040 days ago

Atlanta? Did you go to Six Flags over GA?

ReaseGebrehiwet 2040 days ago

the best place to be...all colors of brothers and sisters.

mosoto_com 2041 days ago

cool pic Ashton! come chat on Mosoto!

_Lucy_Sanchez 2042 days ago


SheliaEvilsizer 2046 days ago

Atlanta GA -- OMG, I love that place :)

3ohh2 2058 days ago

Ha a few years ago i went to the free concerts they have at centennial olympic park and this huge girl got stuck in the water fountain thing, hard to explain but she was stuck and couldnt lift herself out.

Mhaha 2063 days ago


beachee 2064 days ago

The best place to be for july 4th fireworks and free concerts

aluneke 2073 days ago

what are you doing in atlanta? am i behind ....?

gypsyjenn 2074 days ago

I went there, was alone, took some pix, walked around. It was kinda cool

MsAzuBaybay 2074 days ago

ive been there! and stayed at the cnn hotel!. at night durs always big cacaroches outside. its gross. haha

Hoffnungsblume 2081 days ago

great! i live in germany *lol*

aimezmoi 2083 days ago

i would suggest going during the day!