The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

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#wordsthatdescribeme? Well, this should cover it....

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1129 days ago

#wordsthatdescribeme? Well, this should cover it....


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minaokeefe 975 days ago

<3 <3 once he said I look horrible AAAAAAAA

MeGustaPotter01 977 days ago

we love you voldy!

natalexa 978 days ago


FreakinFiFaat 978 days ago

What hair ??

FreakinFiFaat 978 days ago


SocklessLOU 978 days ago


Jeckiekahlie 978 days ago

I love this! Amazing! <3

DaaBieberSmile 978 days ago

lmao so did he get his 10,000. cuz his hair is LONG GONE...matter of fact. it was never there!!

thamy_blm 978 days ago


pirulokura23 978 days ago

What hair?

audacious_lass 978 days ago

I don't find it much funny...

dayanatuna 979 days ago

Are u talking about armpit hair, Lucius?

kstewbitchez 979 days ago


misty__ynyn 979 days ago

better than Mean Girls 1 and 2

pastitomojado 979 days ago

hahah omg

ElAyeTouche 979 days ago

One day he was wearing army pants and flip flops do I went out and bought army pants and flip flops

KTbug27 979 days ago

Sure Voldemort is bald, but maybe Lucius wasn't talking about head hair...

iheart1Dforlife 979 days ago


In_Noctem 979 days ago

Hair's Insured?? I don't think so Lucius LOL

Severine2209 979 days ago

WTF Flawlessssssss LOL =))))))))))))))))