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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 73. 

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1884 days ago

DAY 73.


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jendolittle 1880 days ago

her boyfriend is even better at this sort of stuff and has even patented his own logo, they have grown up watching LA ink, Miami ink and even London ink, i really think they could be good at this, everything they come up with is so original, it's amazing

jendolittle 1880 days ago

i wish i could do this, my daughter can draw like this, i'm proud of her and jealous at the same time, she's doing graphic design at college and at one point her dream was to be a tattoo artist but her teachers told her not to bother, so now she just want

GlambLollipop 1883 days ago

Omg.It looks so beautiful!

lovestarfan 1883 days ago

are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my entire life and was by him that I fell in love

High_KKJAA_Volt 1883 days ago

I love Jeffree Star!!!!!!!!

yvonneleekvdfan 1883 days ago

awww I love jeffree!!!

hatemedestroyme 1884 days ago

this is epic! i wish i could draw eyes as realistic as this!

Oddwhims 1884 days ago

I love drawing ladies' eyes.

BTKris89 1884 days ago


aircooledtx 1884 days ago

I would agree , vanity is in the eye of the beholder..

Dirrtydiva99 1884 days ago


Very_Venice 1884 days ago

Precioso! buenas noches desde EspaƱa. Spain

xDsmxDarlinx 1884 days ago

beautimus :)

n0sebleeds 1884 days ago

wow. gorgeous!

allisonmak 1884 days ago

Oh you have such beautiful friends!

MonicaAYaxley 1884 days ago

LOVE IT! looks exactly like him <3

LiamSharpe 1884 days ago

Amazing :)