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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 75. 

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1366 days ago

DAY 75.


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_sfranksss 1338 days ago

I LOVE THIS! Well I love all your work, I have to be your biggest fan in the UK! <3

1COOCHIE 1363 days ago


xAis_Animaniacx 1363 days ago

I was actually looking to get something like this tattooed. I love it :D

TheMattLawson 1364 days ago

hey kat, i am looking into getting a tattn machine and wonderd if u could let me knw wat inks machne etc u would recomend? Thanks

JenniferGenius 1366 days ago

I like how the "L" starts to rise up, how it is lightened in that part like a "relief" image. :)

JenniferGenius 1366 days ago

❤ ♫ ♪ ♩ ♪ ♫ ... really look at it ...

maximus_ 1366 days ago

cant see the top half of your design unfortunately

MonicaRoupe 1366 days ago

I´m just analysing since you wrote the date upsidedown. Was it ment to be read that way...confused X

MonicaRoupe 1366 days ago

It´s a bit scarey if you begin to read it from the end. Evol -> evil? But I always love your drawings

Canadian_KUFAN 1366 days ago

very nice, I wish I lived in LA so I could get tattooed by you

joshuamhyman 1366 days ago

That's talent.

ExoticsAubrey 1366 days ago

Love it. ^_^

ZombieeTypee 1366 days ago

Lovely <3