Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

Filming new Ghost Adventures it's awesome!

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2024 days ago

Filming new Ghost Adventures it's awesome!


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Robjond 2014 days ago

It was Tonopah, NV and they were at the Mizpah Hotel!! We saw them there :o)

luvmetiffy 2019 days ago

I bet it is Awesome

Kizaylee_GAC 2021 days ago

I think i know where you guys are :-) have you been there before?

TrishR123 2022 days ago

You should start a game .... Where in the world is Nick Groff !!

Jasonyost35 2022 days ago

Yah it looks like its fun to do.

Rachel_GAC 2023 days ago

U guys should ride in those mine carts like indiana Jones! Except it would be better w/ u guys! :3

alohamomma 2023 days ago

Challenge is great and different, but we sure prefer the GA team!

LILIEsk 2024 days ago

yeah we miss Nick^^

Reneefisher88 2024 days ago


nikokekola 2024 days ago

Ohhhhh I can't wait such anticipation! LOVE GAC SO MUCH!!!!!!:D

laurenbaileey 2024 days ago

i can't wait to see it,.. imma huge fan :)

KelliSchurch 2024 days ago

That is freaking awesome!!! I love history. The cars make me wanna go gem mining now lol

bansheekat 2024 days ago


nancydrewII 2024 days ago


sillymjgirl 2024 days ago

Are you the only one on GA that doesn't wear the baggy pants? Whatz up wit dat?

tmk23 2024 days ago

"Tonight.. we will be LOCKED DOWN... from DUSK 'til DAWN... in this rusty mining cart of hell."

Yus_Im_Crazy 2024 days ago

can't wait to see it! :)

LexieGAC 2024 days ago

COOL!!!! :)

ZNAgac 2024 days ago


Lily_Grace_ 2024 days ago

We miss Nick!!!!