Where the practices of cunning-folk overlapped with those of the high ritual magic traditions, the calling of angels, the apparatus of astrology, and Latin incantations were integrated into the magic of the everyday. Notably, these rituals, spells and formulae employed the idiom of the predominant religious culture, namely Christianity, often melding folk religiosity in a seamless blend unique to each individual practitioner. Although ritual magicians and cunning-folk alike used Christian formulae in their praxes, one could argue that this religious language was naturally the timely idiom of narration for magical rites. However, beneath the shifting of language and culture, the immemorial methodologies and tools of magical ritual - the spirit-evocation, ritual circle, wand, knife, sigil, cord, knot, charm, starry aspectation, flora and fauna, invocation, exorcism and so forth - remain more or less constant.