Among the fine European picture frames in the collections of the world's museums, the stocks of frame and picture dealers, the salesrooms of auction houses, and the residences of collectors are 18th-century Parisian examples stamped with the name of the menuisier that made them. Twenty-two framemakers have been identified by their stamp, to be found on the backs of régence, rococo, and neoclassical picture frames: Étienne Avril, Henri Brunel, Cardereau, Jacques-Charles-Denis Chartier, Jean Chérin, Jean-Jacques Coiffié, Thomas Dumont, Paul Georges, Nicolas Heurtaut, Claude and Étienne-Louis Infroit, André Lambert, Henri Létonné, Antoine Levert, Pierre Meunier, Pierre-François Millet, Claude Pépin, Jacques Roze, A. Solaro Schlüss, Denis Toupillier, André Tramblin, and T.-S. Vasseur. Because the names of most French framemakers of the period remain unknown, stamped picture frames are of prime importance. Traditional frame Fig. 1