My point is that this book series is wonderful, it was published by a publishing house which specializes in books which are kind of the obscene truth of these books like "How to make your life happy", etc. The other titles are "How to take revenge on your enemies", "How to beat someone with bad rumors" and so on. I love those books precisely because again they deal with real-life situations, the only problem is that you never encounter them. In bestseller advice books it’s things like "What you do when an alligator bites your leg" the idea is that you tap him on the nose because it automatically…"or what to do when a hungry lion attacks you" it’s simply, unfortunately, you must have a jacket, you open it, lions don’t think in depth terms, so they think you are much bigger and turn around. What I mean is that it’s very mysterious, the success of these books, I think there’s a deep, almost progressive agenda in it, namely, let me ask you a question: which was the only American movie to have a spectacle of working-class solidarity? It was that otherwise very boring movie "The Perfect Storm".