Stand & B Counted or Sit & B Nothing. Don't Litter,Chew Gum,Walk Past Homeless PPL w/out Smile.DOESNT MATTER in 5 yrs IT DOESNT MATTER THERE'S ONLY LOVE&FEAR

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deskenemy 1178 days ago

here's the link to Shari Elf's website for this great shirt

rafcorreia 1182 days ago

Make yourself...

cwinsten 1187 days ago

OMG -- where can I get this shirt??? I must have one!!!!

TheDafner 1193 days ago

i want it that´s perfect

Frangugli 1196 days ago

I wanna buy thiss t-shirttt!!

mergirl_ 1196 days ago

Where I get this shirt ? LOL love it.

Brigittecherfan 1196 days ago


FerBiancato 1200 days ago

I want a shirt: (

BJD4VMG 1200 days ago

Okay, Shari Elf, how do I get one of these shirts?

harrelsondenise 1202 days ago

love that shirt , love to have one denise

harrelsondenise 1202 days ago

cher you would do whats the right thing

x0Tina13 1203 days ago

oh, i NEED that shirt! :)

angelinejovan1 1204 days ago


trinijasgirl21 1204 days ago

omg i thought i was the only one who use that phrase lol...ship me one pretty plzzz

KyleighDamas 1204 days ago

Who is that Masked Man ?

johnwillard2 1204 days ago


Lena_dixiegirl 1204 days ago

Cooler than cool)))))))))))))))))))) I want it too!

Tonyawear 1204 days ago

OMG Love This!!!!

mirna1788 1204 days ago

it's like "what would Jesus do?".......but better!

lives4moments 1204 days ago

where can i get this??