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Presenting this week's Newsweek: @MicheleBachmann #QueenOfRage

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2022 days ago

Presenting this week's Newsweek: #QueenOfRage


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pskrogh 2015 days ago

I cannot believe the hate we have for each other in this country, and the language some get away with

pskrogh 2015 days ago

When I saw the magazine in the store, reminded me of mainstream media's lack of integrity and respect.

madfashionista 2017 days ago

EEEEEEEEEK. That is all.

Shimmy00 2020 days ago

Michele Bachmann is a stupid daffy cunt! #FishFace #vagisil #QueenOfRage

moosuch 2020 days ago

what a spook! she's dangerous, you can tell by her eyes. & i'm certain this is her best picture.

rafov74 2021 days ago

wow, people from the (far) right are so thin-skin. or are they just a little bit, touchy?

SafariWoman 2021 days ago

Your magazine doesn't even qualify as good bird cage liner anymore - Even NOW crept out to condemn this pos.

NHTeaParties 2021 days ago

Does anyone read your trash mag anymore? When your cred is shot, I supposed this doesn't matter.

NHTeaParties 2021 days ago

I‘ve seen MB up close and personal and she doesn’t have those wrinkles. Those were added. And she has gorgeous eyes. She could never look that bad unless the photo was retouched. Which tells you something about her beauty and about this publication’s cred

R0NlN 2021 days ago

Yeah, right-- no media bias here.

ConGrpThink 2022 days ago

Don't be hating. This is the true image of a raging Teabagger.

Dencal26 2022 days ago

Very unprofessional and childish. Not that I expected better from Tina Brown.

Seanseviltwin 2022 days ago

looks scary as hell. The new Sarah Palin?

Ironman0509 2022 days ago

What a fucking joke.

NotDaveWeigel 2022 days ago

Good job, Newsweak. You deliberately chose the worst picture you could find of Bachmann.

Conservathink 2022 days ago

I don't support for President, but this is journalistic malpractice. #TCOT #TLOT

VestDennis 2022 days ago

I wipe my a** with old Newsweeks (since I wouldn't buy any new ones)...

sassym 2022 days ago

I'm no Michele Bachman fan, liberal here, but me thinks Newsweek has many problems with her as well.

drgarym 2022 days ago

The Lame Stream Media can't get conservative women like Bachman and Palin out of their heads.

WendyGAv 2022 days ago

How surprising They pick a horrible picture of a woman who's taken in 12 foster kids and given them a good life..Newsweek ..who buys their trash anymore..going bankrupt