Here's a #script for a #movie that i just dreamed about: "A lawyer, who was living a very normal life finds himself locked behind the bars: he's accused of murder. The very normal procedure is that he has now to get a "lawyer" who is going to defend him but this old lawyer - who's lost everything thinks that he can't be defended by any other lawyer but, "himself" - will have exceptionally and extraordinarily, the right to do so. He's gonna be his own lawyer and will somehow - with a strong will and inexplicable strength - prove that he's been set up and didn't commit any crime, even though all the evidences were against him in the beginning." This can be a revolution for the crime movies' types :D sorrisone. Any #producer??? #director??? #movies #drama #thriller #crime #Afewgoodmen #RobReiner #DenzelWashington #filmindustry