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Mr. Selfridge Second Season coming 2014

Deep in Spain we are all connected....

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1365 days ago

Deep in Spain we are all connected....


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KateKittyKat2 327 days ago

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MithunBlog 1017 days ago

cool man..................I like your cap :)

mj3ndme 1221 days ago

pretty boy :P :)

LaFemmeHomard 1355 days ago


CaitlinMary3 1356 days ago

this must be somewhere in adulucia! I MISS SPAIN!

klassic111 1363 days ago

"Knowledge; Beauty and Foundation". Nice message.

Julian_Pearce 1364 days ago

The great Ari Gold, you are an amazing actor Jeremy! congratz

daysfan43 1364 days ago

could you post where in Spain that was?

daysfan43 1364 days ago

that is beautiful, and Im not just referring to the Menorah!! LOL Shalom my friend, and safe journeys

NewToTri24 1364 days ago

DAMN! So sexy!

alexparker106 1364 days ago

Very cool. An old school menorah with hebrew inscription on it. Must be from an old synagogue.

citychick1 1364 days ago

Gosh! You are H.O.T.!!

Canuckkim 1365 days ago

Sweet! Looking good as usual.

syllll 1365 days ago

Oh its so good to see you I have to say you are my favorite. This season on entourage