Ben & Jerry's


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

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1960 days ago


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Virgobreh 1957 days ago

SMH, just clocked the name! >:( Cant eat that now! >:( The ingredients sound nice as well! >:(

Virgobreh 1957 days ago

Sounds good, need to try dat

SmithGotReal 1959 days ago

- i can't believe this shit is actually real. Major #pause to any guy seen eating this in public.

ilovemytroops 1959 days ago

LOL @ "I have to pay to have Schweddy Balls in my mouth?"

dbobsnodgrass 1960 days ago

I have to pay to have Schweddy Balls in my mouth? Is this GOP legislation?

hollymclennan 1960 days ago


lesslighter 1960 days ago

my mind has been now fried twice

thwhshsa 1960 days ago

Like , "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things."

Wise_is_Sam 1960 days ago

So, how many people will go into the store and ask, "where do you keep your Schweddy Balls?" Or, "where can I find (your) Schweddy Balls?"

tanyaryno 1960 days ago

SCHWEDDY BALLS is trending ... This only means one thing. My work here is done. #snlalumni

shyystaa 1960 days ago


Whole10Yardz 1960 days ago

Luv your play on words with the name. Great marketing. Hope you sell tons of it!