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2788 days ago


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prez90 2656 days ago

Mike Oldfield- "Theres not enough dials!"

RR270 2720 days ago

What year is it?

watdatelet 2785 days ago

looks expensive

hopeu2 2786 days ago

Thanks for showing us your control panel, this is like the motherboard.

Marcelina_88 2786 days ago

Please and thank you.

Marcelina_88 2786 days ago

Also, is that a never console???

Marcelina_88 2786 days ago

John, I'd love to have a pair of the NS10

coreyschreppel 2786 days ago

Tissue paper over the NS10 tweeters is *soooo* 1992.

ian_former 2786 days ago

Nice board..... This is a friend Al Sutton's from Rustbelt Studios Detroit nice set up with full automation and some killer 24trk 2in all mac driven.... m so jealous

kellyhaskjpk 2786 days ago

Darling, my husband would be standing here drooling himself over this....but he's not here...oh well HE LOVES!!!!I can speak 4 him

SugarBoobs 2786 days ago

have. Does it HAVE a Nuke~Knob. Sorry...I'm a lame~o.

SugarBoobs 2786 days ago

I wouldn't know what to do with all of these knobs. Does it a NUKE~knob? Be verrry gentle with that one, please.

bearheadedgirl 2786 days ago

Hands off Chad's knobs.

kayhanley 2787 days ago

i bet you have that shit retrofitted with automation, attached to the box with a bazillion plug-ins. show me the 2 inch and i'll jump for joy. btw, y'all is cute!!

kd_rome 2787 days ago

neve neve neve droooool !

fcvieira 2787 days ago


fcvieira 2787 days ago

Look at how many knows it has!

imaeaturbaby 2787 days ago

john mayer is a knob.

VitoBitMyFinger 2788 days ago

take me neve! take me now!

TomC87 2788 days ago

you guys are so sick... Neve ftw... Just check that one...