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who nicked me trousers?? x #TwitPict

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2031 days ago

who nicked me trousers?? x #TwitPict


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Ana_Chantler 2030 days ago

technically they class it as borrowed. but your fellow guitarists are usually guilty lol x

Jollyphonic 2030 days ago

LOL! :0D

JulieC115 2030 days ago

I'm sure they're not normally under your skinny jeans Adam!!! Brilliant photo!!!!!!!

Lottie_Brown 2030 days ago

haha! Love it. x

miss_maartje 2030 days ago

they go pretty swell with your boots but that cardigan is a crime against fashion!! ;)

quansimodo 2030 days ago

you had better get them back fast.

StereoRockChic 2030 days ago

AAAAGGGHHH!!! Adam!! I dont know who nicked them but get them back quick! :P

richsno1 2030 days ago

Deana, look again - that's not Kelly, it's Adam!!! lol I say Kelly is probably the guilty party!

sheppalj1 2030 days ago

Think I have the correct welsh expression "Clodge" Is it spelt correctly?

RebeccaJones75 2030 days ago

Lol. Donald?

JaneyfaeAbdn 2031 days ago

What are you guys doing tonight? !! Whatevr it is carry on!! :)

marikaplayer 2031 days ago

hahaha, clearly been drinking sine the rugby this morning! x

richsno1 2031 days ago

OMG! There is most definitely something in the water... lol