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Apparently it's #chocolateweek. There's one thing to always remember about chocolate....

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1959 days ago

Apparently it's #chocolateweek. There's one thing to always remember about chocolate....


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isnani 1836 days ago

I do eat chocolates when I need cheering up. I now realise I HAVE been ‘demented’. :P

theblueeyedlad 1836 days ago

happy chocolate day! by the way,my friend gave me a chocolate but i gave it again to other..!! :P

rainzies 1836 days ago

LOVE THIS! I've always said that dementors =depression, so this makes perfect sense to me!

fletchersbitch 1874 days ago

Mi señor, sos un genio en filosofía (?)

natalexa 1935 days ago


jenn_tnmebd14 1936 days ago

I soooo gonna remember it

Mishipiwita 1937 days ago

i will remember it!!!

Crhystalll 1945 days ago

Well, if you say so... :D

DAllSpark 1951 days ago


MelissaEvelynDF 1954 days ago

i rather preform a patronus than humiliate myself than eat chocolate >.<

taniesucca 1956 days ago

Fabuloso pretexto. :B

loganh49311 1958 days ago

:) i cant stop smiling really i cant!

KatieWhoCanRead 1958 days ago

I would retweet this but for the missing apostrophe. DEMENTORS' FAULT. or DEMENTOR'S if only one.

xx_Leaa 1958 days ago

Great! hahaahha

walkypagnanelli 1958 days ago


capricorn1226 1958 days ago

it's a cruel sign but a great way 2 encourage everyone 2 have a bite of chocolate 4 all Sane And Demented people in honor of #chocolateweek

bestbing 1958 days ago

i bing

AshleighJadeXD 1959 days ago

Very True! Dementors stay away!

jamezky23 1959 days ago

chocolate frogs! #yum

JTBB88 1959 days ago