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Entertainment and culture writer at WIRED et al. Comics and video game nerd. Intersectional feminist. Human being. Total champ.

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1577 days ago


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JoeKennedy3 1576 days ago

I think you meant to say "Shitfucking Cockmonger".

mephron 1576 days ago

wow. I have no words other than "what is wrong with this person?"

malebariusrex 1576 days ago

What a shitfucking cockgoblin.

David_Hahn 1576 days ago

That's not the Nick Fury I know. This guy's best friend is a guinea pig, no surprises there.

anarchic_teapot 1576 days ago

I gather he's an overweight, acne-ridden 40-year old virgin? Because that's what he sounds like.

CapnBludd 1577 days ago

Wow, what a waste of breathable air that guy is.

gmcalpin 1577 days ago

Well, he's dedicated. You gotta give him that.

seanseger 1577 days ago

Wow....not cool...

BradyDale 1577 days ago

This guy's life isn't that great. I'm not saying that because I know him. But I know.