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Picture claiming to show Col #Gaddafi's dead body, via @AlJazeera #Libya (Graphic content)

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1983 days ago

Picture claiming to show Col #Gaddafi's dead body, via #Libya (Graphic content)


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nadjet72 1980 days ago

they merite same think

nadjet72 1980 days ago

all presidents are same shutt

nadjet72 1980 days ago

allah yarahmo

MancOnWire 1980 days ago

the NTC are a bunch of unruly tards - the country's chaos has just begun

Manzur26 1983 days ago

Is it really necessary to expose these pictures?

MyTweet2707 1983 days ago




eao230563 1983 days ago

Only a fool or a mad man of some sort will set his father's house ablaze over a quarrel with relatives before before his demise. Ghadafi should have left quietly like he did in Tripoli rather than have his home town of Sirte completely destroyed. Where is

gasbaggrt 1983 days ago

Rest in pieces! Ha ha! :-)

robertwt01 1983 days ago

I do not hate, but I feel the same as I did when I heard of the execution of Troy Davis. Another death without a fair trial.

YaMolaAliSYO 1983 days ago

Congrats! to libyan people :) this is end of a Dictator &tyrant , i'm very hapy :) i hope real freedom for libya :)

sami32 1983 days ago

gone so late