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#YouKnowWhatIHateTheMost? This....

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900 days ago

#YouKnowWhatIHateTheMost? This....


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pamellastalker 880 days ago


MeGustaPotter01 884 days ago

:lolwut: JK :awesome:

little_dawn8 885 days ago

Don't forget...too & to

Sampire_95 886 days ago

Thank you!

ShortOnCache 898 days ago

"Were"=the hypothetical tense of "are" (although some may argue this).

heyitslage 899 days ago

Harry Potter wrote this...

SnJP 899 days ago

love it!

dellkhosh 900 days ago

it reminds me of Al Pacino ,,, i donno why ?

HEB_AE 900 days ago

a bogan wrote that XD

audacious_lass 900 days ago

lol to much f***ing going on here...

daxy24200 900 days ago

This is just fucking lame, my education would pay off if I return to my books.

cutekid129 900 days ago


KatSchreiber 900 days ago

Would love this more if FUCKING was used so much....God Damn.

HannahGotSwags 900 days ago

That's bogus I's literature go back to 1st grade..I also hate that shit

GenghisKoridai 900 days ago

Sometimes, I wonder if people do that just to piss others off :P

Londoner9 900 days ago

Rotfl someone was a bit cranky when they wrote this :L

hippymetalchick 900 days ago

This Is how I study for my english exam...

CamilaDuval 900 days ago

LOL. I like this.

kimmilovesu 900 days ago

This is fucking stupid

53_SaintWade 900 days ago

This is so fucking stupid! Why!!