The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

The eyes are the window into the soul. I see horcruxes and dead people...

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1393 days ago

The eyes are the window into the soul. I see horcruxes and dead people...


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ohheyNJ 1373 days ago

On the first day of taping, they tried to put green contact lenses on Daniel but his eyes got irritated so they stopped using it.

Crhystalll 1374 days ago

His eyes are green because they are in the books.In the movies, they changed it -.-

Crhystalll 1374 days ago

LMFAO *.* aaah, sorry Sparkly Cedric #EPIC

HP_facts77 1375 days ago

did anyone notice that Harry has blue eyes, not green?

wilda_faizil 1375 days ago

'sparkling whore' hwahahaa.. made my day..!!

RaniMahesa 1377 days ago

the last one is awesome :P

mergirl_ 1381 days ago


mergirl_ 1381 days ago

"his last best lieutenant" Bellatrix <3

YeewGotMeGood 1383 days ago

More like: GAY SHIT -.-"

_Abbeeey 1384 days ago

Lmao , that's hilarious :) The 'Sparkling Whore' :)

GosutoManga 1385 days ago

LOOOLLLL this is fucking funny XDDDD

xXxAzraelxXx 1385 days ago

Great Pic!

ChambersofMusic 1385 days ago

I love this, brilliantly done! :)

amyelizabeth_19 1385 days ago

well done for making hp's eyes green!

sarah_piraino 1385 days ago

love how harrys eyes are blue in the movie and
green here

rafLN94 1385 days ago

Damn! I thought Voldy's gone serious! I should know better. :))

spaziwan 1385 days ago


Sampire_95 1386 days ago

Dude, this is hysterical!

HausOfMattie 1386 days ago


patpatrevenge 1389 days ago

LOL! So accurate!