Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

Thanks a lot for the jet airplane backstage, but it's the WRONG COLOR.

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1971 days ago

Thanks a lot for the jet airplane backstage, but it's the WRONG COLOR.


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DraGGonized 1950 days ago

I think he was kidding.

flibgib 1969 days ago

What were you honestly expecting, *Polka* Dot?

JadeBerryPie 1969 days ago

It matches your outfit it looks good

algonacchick 1970 days ago

Aw, Al, come on! Don't look a gift jet airplane in the mouth!

djowink 1970 days ago

Skidmark Brown is a pretty cool color.

bestbing 1970 days ago

you bing

JanetJhs 1970 days ago

look who is "going brown" :o)

skidskid52997 1970 days ago

Wrong color? Honey, it's fantastic! It matches your outfit perfectly.

Sammerkona 1970 days ago

What are you talking about? It matches your hair!

rose6156 1971 days ago

Gee Al, don't go Off The Deep End about the color - Airline Amy might be on board.

shawnravenfire 1971 days ago

Aw man! All I ever got in my giftbasket was a single-engine aircraft.

CharlesFridayPL 1971 days ago

Al, come on, be creative, not monotonous. :D

CharlesFridayPL 1971 days ago

Ah, those rich, who made their fortune of 30 years of hard work with others. :D
I raise the soda pop! :)

CharlesFridayPL 1971 days ago

ALPolkaLypse is on the loose, and You are bothering us with such toneless problems. :D

Ludovicaa 1971 days ago

But you totally rock it anyway! :)

CharlesFridayPL 1971 days ago

Who cares for colour (or color) ... are You the fashion designer?
"on The Sunday night You should be flying private jet painted in such colors,
the rest of the week doesn't matter"

glynes 1971 days ago

But it matches your shirt! 8-)

djowink 1971 days ago

If you don't want it, can I have it?