If you don't recognize this guy, his best known appearance is as a pimp.... 11ish am today, James O'Keefe, the guy whose undercover videos did damage to ACORN and NPR, showed up at my office hours at Columbia Journalism School, camera rolling. He wanted to ask about his recent entanglements with my colleague Dale Maharidge (Google it) and to make other allegations. So halfway through, I started videotaping him on my iPhone. After he was done with me, I should have kept rolling, because they get to the exit and find they can't open it. He says, "Have they locked us in?" Turns out they were pulling the door instead of pushing it.

Last week, he had posted something on Facebook, tagging me, trying to goad me into responding. This time, he took the next step.

I wish he'd shown up in his pimp or fake Middle Easterner costumes.

I'll post the video soon. - @sree