The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

Today is Friday...

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1103 days ago

Today is Friday...


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MR_Zytow 1096 days ago

You'll stay here after that! AUHAuhaUHAuhA

orangepassion10 1097 days ago

HAHA. Doubling up with lautgher right now. Can't type properly

pastitomojado 1098 days ago


Strawringslove 1099 days ago

haha :D

kelsey_c16 1099 days ago

hahaha rebecca black #stupid

migszx 1102 days ago

hahahaha LOL

deger0 1102 days ago

haha omg, loool

jajatwitz 1103 days ago

lol awesumm

audacious_lass 1103 days ago

Yes you're right...I didn't get it but I have a feeling it's something vulgar..!

BiEBERkisses24 1103 days ago

5 comments only? I BET THEY DIDN'T GET THIS! HAHA

SincerelyAmused 1103 days ago

which seat should i take

SimplyErudite 1103 days ago

Oh not you Harry, please...

Stephaneeii 1103 days ago

Haha, oh Harry.

Mateus_santana0 1103 days ago

ROFL³²²³²³³²³ You're the best xD

SoundsOfJonas 1103 days ago

bahahaha you rule!