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Wish I knew why growing a moustache makes a fellow look so fascist -

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1800 days ago

Wish I knew why growing a moustache makes a fellow look so fascist -


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stanmckie 1794 days ago

hi stephen can you ad me please i'd love to talk to you about my head i wonder if you can help me !

Darya_Ti 1798 days ago

I'd say Poe'ish here ^^

richmayn 1799 days ago

General Melchett returns...baaah!

ingepreston 1799 days ago

Nice tache Stephen.

heureuxamoureux 1800 days ago

Edgar Allan Fry?

fluffybex 1800 days ago

Paahaa!! If you grew a beard too, you'd look like my uncle..

testarticles 1800 days ago

Conversely growing a moustache makes me look rather communist

MrsObholzer 1800 days ago

Not fascist, more Gordon Kaye a la Allo Allo!

onionface89 1800 days ago

wish i could grow a moustache of such beautiful calibre.

Goody_yum_yum 1800 days ago

That's a bit scary....

Calendulafitz 1800 days ago

Oh dear! I just followed the link below.......

Anna4H 1800 days ago

Musician or serial killer?
Thanks to Spicks and Specks .. . .

josephhaslandon 1800 days ago

Personally I think it makes you look dashing!!... Slightly sinister, but dashing!

michael_elliott 1800 days ago

AAAAAACKK!!!! Caterpillar on the lip!!!

ajlaidlaw 1800 days ago

great look stephen, love the shirt too

beetlebug1983 1800 days ago

Peter Sellers springs to mind ;o)

RobLIVEukpsn 1800 days ago

Blackadder is coming back? With Rowan Atkinsons new film and you mighty moustache the time is right!

ElStrong87 1800 days ago


Calendulafitz 1800 days ago

Mmmmmm! I think your expression might have something to do with it and the webcam effect! At least it's reached kissable stage.