The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

#Deleteyourgooglehistory if this is in it...

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1165 days ago

#Deleteyourgooglehistory if this is in it...


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efronlovatic 1139 days ago

Men! This is too good. LOL

HanCrayon 1144 days ago

This. A++

MileyHotmez 1151 days ago

Life = Complete.

giuli_dreams 1160 days ago


orangepassion10 1162 days ago

Give me Potter over Twilight ANYDAY! Potterhead 4 life!! (and in death)

Andrea507 1162 days ago


xxxKate14xxx 1162 days ago

Hahaha love it !!

pfvotavio 1163 days ago


gislaine_farias 1163 days ago

"TheKellyBrand 1 day ago
Exactly why Harry Potter fans are superior to Twilight fans."
I totally agree !

gislaine_farias 1163 days ago

oh God D: sucks

earthtocaren 1164 days ago

This is sad. Lol.

angiewollner 1164 days ago

OMG I googled it and it was there what do I doo ?!?!?!?

StylesStatement 1165 days ago

Ahem so True

JennLaFleur 1165 days ago

Love that Green Day's there. The song they're looking for is Brain Stew. Ha

auzsinggirl305 1165 days ago

HAHAHA wow that is just plain sad. Twilight is a piece of shit.

yony_themoony 1165 days ago


TheKellyBrand 1165 days ago

Exactly why Harry Potter fans are superior to Twilight fans.

SingTheMelody 1165 days ago

i totally agree with EvansDallas's comment. anyone who has that needs to be meet the Dark Lord

virgemilene 1165 days ago

haha. ;)

M_McAwesome 1165 days ago

hahaha = ]