The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

#MomentsICanNeverForget.... as hard as I might try.

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1877 days ago

#MomentsICanNeverForget.... as hard as I might try.


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miamiswagg305 1822 days ago

There is always a fan like this in any movie theater

RenataCSL 1843 days ago

oh no!!! it's mine ç.ç

MarsHutch 1852 days ago


JudaiBlack 1870 days ago

All you fools thinking it's horrible he broke that wand... Remember, he could have broken YOURS!!!!

TeamNileyMember 1873 days ago

that was exactly my reaction :D

JuliLampa 1874 days ago


Jaaddii 1874 days ago

jajajajjajajajajajjajajaja OMG

MunaSalad 1875 days ago

LMFAO.... that hurt me... i wanted it :'[

demialexander 1876 days ago


Crhystalll 1876 days ago

Potter, you dumbass

ZaralovesJames 1876 days ago

wat is he trying to do break the deathlyhallows no not a gd thing we need 2 bring fred back

dietcokehed 1876 days ago

A little spellotape will fix that right up ;)

isnani 1876 days ago

Have a break. Have a KIT KAT.

ZenManCometh 1876 days ago

One word... WHHHYYY!!!???

bestbing 1876 days ago