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We have a bet going. Who is this?

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1193 days ago

We have a bet going. Who is this?


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ElianaBorja 1185 days ago

Rita Hayworth fo sho...

angelkisses3434 1190 days ago

rita hayworth.... gene needs glasses.....

MyDearCari 1191 days ago

It IS Rita Hayworth..Whoever thinks otherwise is wrong.

Lrb12c 1192 days ago

Rita Hayworth Natural Beauty not matched by many...

huneyB_ 1192 days ago

Rita Hayworth.

JerryGWest 1192 days ago

I think its Lana Turner.

LoveVegas 1192 days ago

Rita Hayworth. She was so gorgeous

AndreaMiklasz 1192 days ago

Definitely Rita Hayworth. Gene is dead ass wrong!

lolMikePeterson 1193 days ago

Bette Davis?

GinnyWinderman 1193 days ago

Rita Hayworth......look how thin her waist is???? WTF where do I get one of those, lol.

TheBoss63 1193 days ago

I don't care who it is, I just want one. :)

RAEzWORLD1 1193 days ago

lauren bacall? veronica lake?

RaspberryFrosty 1193 days ago

That is not Florence Klein. Gene's mother's hair was darker.

RAEzWORLD1 1193 days ago

looks like it could be you...younger ;o)

kimeve 1193 days ago

That is Gene's Mom! Am I right?

cerista 1193 days ago

That's Miss Rita Hayworth.

RaspberryFrosty 1193 days ago

It looks like Rita Hayworth.

GuitarGirl20614 1193 days ago

That's you, Shannon!!! xD ....if I'm wrong that's a total fail :/