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What the HELL is this??? It's like a cruciatus curse to the eyes!!!

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1333 days ago

What the HELL is this??? It's like a cruciatus curse to the eyes!!!


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Thboywholived 1268 days ago

Now i have to Obliviate myself

Frenchiefry2 1314 days ago

he ain't gonna get ever again....unless she's a belieber...

ShivaaSaemeow 1323 days ago

Look at the paradox, btw- The word "Integrity" and THAT on the same person.

ShivaaSaemeow 1323 days ago

Wow. Guys like JB too? Interesting.

LovesToSmile18 1329 days ago

I hope he was drunk when he got that tattoo.

NJKJonasFangirl 1330 days ago

Someone REALLY botched up this tattoo bad... even Justin's face isn't that ugly! ...

Titan_Hyperion_ 1330 days ago

Cruciatus curse to the eyes? More like avada kedavra to the my brain!

Jonas_PotterFan 1332 days ago

:O wow!! WTF??!

KnownAsNina 1332 days ago

Leave him alone (jk). He's probably just a big fan like all the other 14 yr old girls. EWWW!

ecchipiro 1333 days ago

Please just let him have lost a bet! D:

wishfulthink3r 1333 days ago


isnani 1333 days ago

The hell?! o_O ... Bahahahahahah!!!!

Brite_Eyez80 1333 days ago

He might as well put Pedobear on the other leg and be done with it.

EmeraldMagick 1333 days ago

Kinda disturbing

SarahJosling 1333 days ago

He needs to take off that 'integrity' shirt; wait no he never should have worn it to begin with

tinatripp 1333 days ago


jayrock1800 1333 days ago

Either he is a fag for doing that or justin paid him to do that

CBRaven242 1333 days ago

Oh dear gods, kill it with fire!

wanesthetize 1333 days ago

I'm trying to imagine the face of the tattooist when he was asked to make... this.

lian_taylor98 1333 days ago

ewwww its more like avada kedavra not cruciatus