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And her plate after

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1907 days ago

And her plate after


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LyLuvMusic 1903 days ago

What about..... YOUR plate, David?? Hahaha LOL :D

myideaofperfect 1906 days ago

_WOW. O.O OK. She must be really...HUNGRY. 8|

jehanatika 1906 days ago

seems she liked it or was she very hungry? HAHA you made it funny :P

ayniearchie 1906 days ago

woa she finished them all haha

XtianHawk 1907 days ago

Hehe looks she enjoyed it! How about you David? Have you munched up all your food too? ;))

AkvrColDArchie 1907 days ago

HAHAHA it's like you man! eats a lot! hahaha I wanna see yours!!

david_rebuta17 1907 days ago

lol...she really ate them all.... yeah they're right David...I wanna see yours

ratnaaning 1907 days ago

Wow, she ate all of 'em. Did you do the same thing too? I bet yes. lol :P

TheNiallSmiles 1907 days ago

hahahahah :D yay ! the food goin hide :D

itstarlightxo 1907 days ago

but wait, why dont u show ur plate? :P aaahh brother! show how's urs :)))) don't hide! ;)

itstarlightxo 1907 days ago

I bet I knew , why she eat 'em all , for energy before playing wii again! :D isn't it ? lol

LailaIstiQomah 1907 days ago

It all gone. Food except rice, we can eat it quickly, and sometimes still hungry, try to eat it with rice.

KristyNga 1907 days ago

like the way you upload your photos on twitpic. It's really creative and funny^<

Pearlee17 1907 days ago

Haha! Your sister is just like you

Mhae92 1907 days ago

The food looked yummy... no wonder she finished it all xD

ChristinStefph 1907 days ago

Hahaha. Does she eat this much everytime? Oh my, she's just like me!

LuzRapaloLazo 1907 days ago

your sister was hungry david hahaha :)

iamMissSingHDJA 1907 days ago

I wanna see yours, too, but I bet it looks the same. Hahaha!

archielover_28 1907 days ago

haha!!! the food must be very delicious... lol.

KarinArchieee 1907 days ago

She must have been hungry! haha :) Hahaha is that her texting?? I love her orange phone! :D