The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

Call me 'obliviate' because this just blew my mind...

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1177 days ago

Call me 'obliviate' because this just blew my mind...


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melizzie 1159 days ago

hilarious!!! hahahah xD

sarah_c1224 1161 days ago


ChrisHufflepuff 1167 days ago

ohlalalalalala!! What the fuck they're .... similars I think tuey'ld be the same person ...

1DGravy_ 1170 days ago

This is the new Harry Styles. WTF. HAHA.

ShivaaSaemeow 1171 days ago

You just killed Snape's hook-nosed face. :S

Jonas_PotterFan 1173 days ago

LOL!! hahaha

LoveGinnyPotter 1177 days ago


HinaSuleman 1177 days ago

nice nice

Hulmeman 1177 days ago

C'mon man, that could be anybody!

143pinkathena 1177 days ago

Give me that money i will tell harry, ron & hermionie

ERN_Malleyscrub 1177 days ago

Those conspiracy nuts were right.

Nea_Estrada 1177 days ago

ahahahaha love it!

marathonman89 1177 days ago

*Mind BLOWN*

TwitchWasHere 1177 days ago

straight cash homey

DougGaga 1177 days ago

Snape was nothin' but a slave, he deserves that, hahah

radiatingAmanda 1177 days ago

HAHAHAHAHA that's amazing

122476 1177 days ago

it's all about the snapes yo!!! XD

MandiCuperla 1177 days ago

this is awesome! LOL

NJKJonasFangirl 1177 days ago

Wow! Snape is NOT worth $100 haha

HEB_AE 1177 days ago