Please help Nikki....he is a sweet senior Pomeranian who recently lost his eyesight due to untreated, undiagnosed diabetes.  Obviously the victim of neglect he has spent most if his life in a bathroom! It' s amazing to me that all of this little guys hardships have not affected his personality at all! I had the pleasure of taking him to the vet where I spent three hours getting to know this happy, loving and trusting soul. After being poked and prodded and catheterized he was still a joy. He enjoyed every minute of being in my lap and having belly rubs in the floor. What a doll.! Despite our efforts, that night Nikki lost his eyesight. Nikki is 8+ years old, housebroken,neutered,and totally blind. He needs daily insulin shots and should be in a home where he can learn his way around, a place where things are not moved around a lot. His foster mom,says he is a very sweet , well behaved boy, but she has a two year old with lots of toys that are constantly changing places and making it difficult for Nikki to move  about safely. His foster mom's voice guides him around. This very special boy deserves a very special home. He has so much love to give. Won't someone please love him back?
Debbie E. . Or,732 681 3450.,