The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

My eyes were just crucioed....

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1284 days ago

My eyes were just crucioed....


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Thboywholived 1236 days ago

I wish Voldemort tried to kill her instead of me....

Elvebrilith 1244 days ago

where is aragorn when you need him?

chasgragg 1282 days ago

haha bitches trying to defend snooki like she matters.

HinaSuleman 1284 days ago

not really! Snooki looks better without make up. she is a natural beauty

I_am_KIRA 1284 days ago

wait...wasn't that orc killed by aragorn or something? :|

audacious_lass 1284 days ago

Lol but she looks quite good & cute without makeup.

brigid_star22 1284 days ago

haha...I'm suddenly having Lord of the Rings flashbacks...

alivingdeity 1284 days ago

and a personality to match I from what I hear

Wonderland142 1284 days ago

hahahaha. I must say that this is hilarious!