The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

Well, this is awkward.

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1920 days ago

Well, this is awkward.


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EmeraldWizardAE 1836 days ago

Let's not talk about what this looks like BEFORE you see the spaghetti...

Thboywholived 1855 days ago

Well.........i do not remember this

Stamford08 1859 days ago

So you both Getting closer? Loved it

AradhanaJyala 1865 days ago


x3CoOki3zx3 1885 days ago


andy_mtz13 1902 days ago

jajaja lol XD

HEB_AE 1904 days ago

lady and the dark lord :P

TheQuietMenace 1907 days ago

... but epic at the same time.

basedgodyifan 1908 days ago

hahaha XD

MariaJessaChris 1916 days ago

ohh..pasta eating!

Madafaqer 1918 days ago

JAJAJAJAJAJAJA, no pueden! jajajjajajaja

prags2010 1918 days ago

_ Well love is really blind :P

HinaSuleman 1919 days ago


skittlehappy 1920 days ago


melizzie 1920 days ago

aaahahahahahahaha I knew it! hahaha :D

houseofvampires 1920 days ago

LOL. Nice :)

agroholic 1920 days ago

omg im laughing so hard

Dai__Alarcon 1920 days ago

hahaha!! Very funny :)

camilleOFFICIAL 1920 days ago

cannot be unseen! :))

LuliAlboresTW 1920 days ago