Demi Moore


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2349 days ago


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Patilu_inLove 1914 days ago

shoes... shoes.. and more shoes..

Nikki_Noel 1971 days ago

I recently got a pair of these. Love them!! (Found out about them from this pic. Thanx :^)

DaianeIgnacio13 2051 days ago

Aunt you love shoes, I especially love the Christian Louboutin and Prada!

bethanylafond 2156 days ago

you love flats too? i have a bunch of them. they are my addiction,my boyfriend calls them ballet shoes,and tells me to wear "real shoes" haha

StellaaLuna 2172 days ago

Lanvin flats are so nice :)) A hello from Paris !

QueenK_xo 2252 days ago

love the black one:)

abkarla 2252 days ago

I wish I had these many shoes, too bad I can't even afford one.

LeroyBox 2253 days ago

OMG I just had a orgams, love the shoes all of them...

maria_gamboa 2277 days ago

oh my god ยก

brandirmoore 2285 days ago

so many shoes, so little

7woman7 2297 days ago

shoooooes!!!! haha

alliewayfilms 2299 days ago

mama mia could you have any more shoes???? hahaha

ldagosta 2303 days ago

if you wear size 7 1/2 or 8 send them to me when you are tired of them.. :-)

nunlu 2304 days ago

Trying shoes?? I am believe that you bought all of those shoes =)

ivanialoreley 2305 days ago

What every woman loves, cool!!! XoXo!!

the_alchemist73 2308 days ago

what is it with women and shoes and hand bags ???? , lol

queen1966 2308 days ago

shoes, shoes, and more idea of heaven. Love this.

mary1uvakind89 2308 days ago

yeah i feel u!! imma shoe lover too. some of them just dont understand

lepoja 2308 days ago

so many choices. These are cute. I like to have a pair

hennarm 2308 days ago

LOL, get'em all! : )