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It happened. Me and @drakebell !

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1750 days ago

It happened. Me and !


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Grazinha97 1744 days ago

I love your smiles

stefisticated_ 1748 days ago

Oh god. I am soooo freaking out. Qwrteudbasdhafisafasfjajpikjuh. I love you both.

FREAKGURL101 1748 days ago

You guys like match♥

liltaylzie 1748 days ago

BONER BONER BONER BONER BONER BONER BONER BONER BONER 0_0 #toomuchperfectioninonetwitpic :)) <3

Stephanie_Luman 1749 days ago

Oh gawd. I love both of these men.

Channel4263 1749 days ago

don't be wrong, there is only one way to heaven, go to

AnnetteMallory 1749 days ago

it doesnt count. his Identifying hair is gone. he soesnt look emo now!
but ur shirts look alike :D

karinewicher 1749 days ago

AWWWWWN *------*

megangetc 1749 days ago

oh my goodness.
frieeeends foreverrrr

caitlin_erin_ 1749 days ago

so jelly clarkson you guys have simmilar eyebrows and checky tops on lol

LoveDreamMusicx 1749 days ago

Sexy + Sexy = JIZZ.
Two of my favourite people. I love you both. ♥

sexandvaginas 1749 days ago

sexy ... overload... *faints

Freaky_Jonas 1750 days ago

Oooh!! AND you are wearing matching clothes, yup, you are soulmates

ziallfeelsugh 1750 days ago

omg i am SO jelly totesvato. ...of drake...

Coopxe 1750 days ago

I am so jelly totesberg.

thesunmustset 1750 days ago

FINALLY IT HAPPENED!!! Now don't kiss him or scare him away!!

anontaaaaaai 1750 days ago

HotMayzingness! Nice!

natalie_tweets 1750 days ago

im happy for you :)